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Is your computer running very slowly, are there windows opening automatically, or other unusual activity in your computer? It could be a virus or some other unwanted software (spyware, malware, ...) that is causing the behaviour. OFFICE SETUP can help you before it gets out of control. Viruses and spyware can ultimately cause a major crash of your computer if left unchecked.

Removing Viruses from your PC or Laptop

Viruses are a constant threat on the Internet. Being vigilant is half the battle. The other is calling in the experts when you do have a problem. The OFFICE SETUP team is equipped to deal with all types of virus problems. Our technical specialists can access your computer and see exactly what the problem is. Then, we can help you with:

  • Identifying what the specific problems may be
  • Analysing what the best solution would be
  • Removing viruses and installing the required safeguards
  • Removing Spyware from your PC or Laptop

    Spyware is software that resides in your computer and "spies" on what you do while you are on the computer or Internet. We can help identify and fix any problems related to spyware.

  • Identify what the specific problems may be
  • Analyse what the best solution would be
  • Remove spyware and install safeguards
  • All done by professionals who are trained to do all this and do it all the time!