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Is your computer running too slow? Windows opening much too slowly? Word documents taking too much time to load? Your PC or laptop may need to be cleaned up to operate faster.

The technical term for this is Performance Optimisation.

The OFFICE SETUP team is trained to perform this optimisation.

Our technical specialists can run a scan of your computer and identify bottlenecks. These can then be removed or remedied and your PC or laptop is ready to function well again.

The Steps

  • Examine the PC or laptop with appropriate tools and diagnostics
  • Determine the source and/or sources of problems/issues
  • These could be many: fragmentation, corrupted files, operating system inefficiencies, viruses, malware, and more...
  • Take each source of problems and remedy it
  • We can also then help you make a plan that will ensure that the performance does not degrade again.