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Online Support & Troubleshooting

Computer problems can be very frustrating, sometimes.We are here to help at every step of the way towards fixing the problem. This is done securely and with state-of-the-art tools. The technical specialist will analyse, diagnose and determine how to fix the problem.Before fixing the problem, our team will explain the solution clearly and then proceed after receiving permission from you.

Setting Up Your New PC & Laptop

Our team can help you make the transition from your existing computer to your new PC or laptop. This will include transferring your files and information as well personal settings (screensavers, passwords and the like...) to your new computer. We will also ensure that we secure your new PC or laptop with anti-virus software and other measures.

Printers, Scanners, Phones and more...

Printers, scanners, advanced mobile phones, and cameras can regularly bring about issues when interfacing with the PC. The wide assortment of choices and components are magnificent to have aside from when they don't appear to work. In this way, whether it is issues with getting photographs into your portable workstation or music into your advanced music player, we can offer assistance.

Upgrading Your PC or Laptop?

We can help you discover what the alternatives in the business sector are and what the advantages and in addition potential issues with these choices are. We can then help you recognize what might best suit your prerequisites and spending plan.

Performance Optimisation

OFFICE SETUP can help you make your PC run speedier and with less issues. After some time, execution issues can develop until one day the outcome is a sudden accident. This can be averted with a standard registration and tuning of the PC. This would incorporate evacuating superfluous documents in the framework and in addition recognizing and expelling infections and undesirable programming that is influencing PC execution.