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Is your computer running too slow? Are windows not closing properly? Or is there other unusual activity on your computer? It could be a virus or other malware (software that is destructive).

Security is a major issue today with the increasing use of the Internet in every facet of life. OFFICE SETUP can help in preventing problems as well as solving any problems that arise in this area. From viruses to spyware, hackers to new threats, the span of possible problems can be overwhelming sometimes, yet with our 24x7 support every day of the year, you can rest assured that we will be on hand to help.

Our team is trained to deal with all contingencies.


Securing your Computer & Internet Connection

  • Anti-virus installation and configuration
  • Keeping your e-mail secure
  • Keeping unwanted intrusions into your computer and laptop
  • Protection of your files - documents, music, photos, ...
  • Solving Problems with Security

  • Identifying what problems may exist in your computer
  • Removing unwanted software: viruses, spyware and the like
  • Cleaning up the computer or laptop after removal
  • Putting in place additional security measures that can prevent similar problems
  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Doing regular maintenance health checks of your PC/laptop
  • Keeping your anti-virus software updated
  • Keeping you informed of new threats on the Internet