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OFFICE SETUP can help you with your PC, laptop, Internet and browser problems around the clock, every day of the year at some of the best prices. With our special offers, we provide unlimited assistance. Yes, as much as you want. Whenever you need it. With highly trained technical specialists and a team that values long-term customer care, we are ready to take your call or e-mails anytime.

Technical Support Services:

Computer & PC

  • PC & Laptop problems
  • Viruses, spyware, malware
  • Regular maintenance
  • Hard drive backups, ...
  • Peripherals

  • Printers
  • Smart Phones
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Music Players (MP3 Players, ...)
  • Internet & Browser

  • Browser & E-mail Support
  • Home Wireless Network
  • Security settings (including Firewalls)
  • We offer support across all types of computer brands - HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM and more...